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Q: High Ceiling? Tailoring Rods or Cord Lengths?

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A: If your ceiling soars to considerable heights, the optimal rod, cord, and chain lengths need affirmation from our adept customer service. If the extension specifics elude you, gauge your ceiling's height and forward it to us. Our seasoned designers will counsel you based on these measurements. Typically, we furnish 120-inch long rods, cords, and chains for lofty ceilings. For added length, reach out to us.

Q: Hanging on a Vaulted Ceiling?

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A: Crafting bespoke solutions for vaulted ceilings involves crafting specialized fittings, ingeniously depicted in accompanying visuals. This streamlined hanging approach, utilizing distinct hanging rings, has garnered favor among numerous clients. The simplicity is evident in the pictures—spot the circled area and the installation case for clarity.

Q: Bronze and Black Distinction?

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A: Bronze and black do not share the same hue. For a matte black finish, verification with our customer service is imperative, given the disparate production processes. Refer to the images for a visual breakdown of the contrast.

Q: Free Replacement for Shipping or Manufacturing Damage?

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A: Absolutely, complimentary replacement components await shipping or manufacturing defects, contingent on provided visual evidence through photos and videos. Our rigorous anti-fall assessments aim to mitigate such issues, ensuring thorough packaging, including a robust external wooden casing for safeguarding delicate items. Visual evidence is attested in the image provided.

Q: Personalizing Products?

A: If the chandelier selection on our website lacks your desired design, the remedy lies in sharing images or design drawings. Forward photographs or drawings of the lamps, specifying base size, color, and material preferences. Explore the "Customization" page for further insights.

Q: Parallels with Famous Brands?

A: Our products emulate renowned brands in material, color, size, and production methods. With our independent factory dedicated to manufacturing, we maintain the integrity of these lamps.

Q: Reason Behind Competitive Prices?

A: In 2020, we shifted focus to online sales, closing all offline stores, thereby reducing costs significantly. Our products, originating from in-house factories, balance affordability with the highest product quality.

Q: Installation Issues?

A: One week before installation, ensure all lighting components are intact. Our fixtures, designed for simplicity, are manageable for the average electrician. For complications, reach out to customer service, prohibiting forceful operations unless a viable solution is apparent.

Q: Quality-related Refunds?

A: We endorse full refunds for quality discrepancies, substantiated with requisite pictures. Choose between a replacement product or a complete refund, catering to your preference.

Q: Shipping Duration?

A: Tailoring the shipping method based on product package size is our protocol. Small packages (under 40") undergo courier delivery within 9-14 days, while larger packages (over 40") opt for ocean freight, arriving in 23-29 days. Special products' delivery times receive personalized confirmation from our customer service.

Q: Retrieving Shipping Information Duration?

A: Post-processing, product handover to logistics providers precedes the subsequent 1-3 days required for logistics information retrieval after handover.